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The Most fashionable and cool goalie masked helmets in ice hockey!

Once, Jacques Plante, the goalie that played for the Montreal Canadians, was struck on the face by a hit from the player of the New York Ranger. Plante at that time wasn’t wearing any mask or helmet, which was really general and usual in those times. Following the incident, he came back being stitched up and was refused to play exclusive of wearing a mask on his face. He back to the ice field, flaunting a mask that was attached really close to his face.

This proved to be a really significant moment in ice hockey’s past, although, in that period, Plante became a laughing stock for wearing that face mask. But, after some time, the goalie mask turned acceptable and ultimately compulsory. The 2 main things that goalies understood regarding the mask are that it sheltered their face and enhanced their game. The second thing realized was that they might put some splendid and cool designs over it. Thus, today we are listing the best goalie masked helmets of all time.


Steve Valiquette is a crime rebel called the Spider-Man and is a goalie for the New York Rangers. The goalie mask that he wore is one among the mainly underestimated masks, perhaps due to his short career. Despite, the mask is remarkable and exhibited the web-flinging Spider-Man.

The Eagle

The popular Ed Belfour is recognized for his talent, capability and the truth that he extremely admires the eagles. He has played for a lot of teams and franchises counting, the San Jose Sharks, Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Florida Panthers. A lot of face hugging masks having similar prints like these has been really popular in WWE and several wrestling events. His mask featured an eagle on each and every that team he ever came on the field for.

Statue of Liberty

Henrik Lundqvist, the ice hockey player from Sweden, played for the New York Rangers. He is popular for his swiftness and wonderful athletic abilities. Lundqvist once played a chief role in providing his Rangers to the finals of the Stanley Cup. He is described as The King by a lot of people and has had numerous remarkable goalie masks, but one among his famous and unique masks is the Statue of Liberty.

Optimus Prime

The popular James Reimer is in the Toronto Maple Leafs and once he was one among the mainly recognized players in the squad. One of his pet names is ‘Optimus Reim’, which is an indication of the admired Transformers character having the name – Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime has been featured on Reimer’s helmet several times.

A Team of Zombies

Steve Mason’s goalie helmet/mask may be a spoiler for the ending of AMC’s post-apocalyptic horror sequence titled – The Walking Dead. Each and every zombie from there joined the NHL. Steve Mason at present is a player in the Philadelphia Flyers and his helmet/mask is equally frightening and very striking. It bears several zombie depictions of his teammates.