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Panasonic Rice Cooker Best For You


Preparing rice can be amazingly tricky. Normally, a person would prepare rice on a stove. You can either do it in the Japanese way (like soak the rice in water, leave the pan boiling until all the water is evaporated, and leave the rice on the stove for a little bit longer to dry it up a bit more which makes it more delicious) or in a more Western way (like fry onions and garlic in a sauce pan then fry the rice for a while, throw boiling water, and finish it off ).

But there is also a third way. Actually, it automatise the process from the manual way. First, wash the rice then add water and press the “Start button”. Once the rice cooking is done, your cooker automatically switches to warming mode, so the rice is never burnt or undercooked. Instead, it is always hot.

I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but the Panasonic rice cookers have been receiving a good rating from satisfied customers. That is right: not only they make high definition televisions, laptop computers,  and digital cameras, but they also make kitchen appliances such as rice cookers.

You can find these cookers in different sizes. Usually, they come in sizes that I like to call them”small”, “proper” and “gigantic”. My small 3-cup Panasonic rice cooker is good enough for individuals or couples, which is my case. I have received two guests once and I think I could feed up to five persons who eat a lot of rice with this small rice cooker. It has all the basic functions and features, whatever I described above, additionally, it also comes with a vegetable basket to steam cook fish, vegetables, and chicken.

The perfect size of a rice cooker with a 5 or 5.5-cup capacity.You will get one of these cups with your cooker. A family of 4-5 people will be well served by one of these cookers. additionally, you will be able to cook other dishes too like, such as a morning oatmeal, sushi rice or brown rice,  and so on.

The gigantic cooker has the capacity to cook 10 cups of rice. That’s sufficient for 20 people, in case you were wondering. I only suggest to this size for people who entertain a lot and, most significantly, are already used to a cooker. The working is the same throughout all cooker sizes, but a person should not spend so much money before actually knowing whether they will use an appliance or not. I eat rice every day and my family has owned these cookers for the last 20 years, but all we prepare there is sushi rice, white rice, and brown rice. My mother has made experiments to use a rice cooker to boil water which is very fast, fry eggs and even make pasta. It all works well, as long as you have imagination and respect the limits of the appliances. But do not purchase the biggest cooker available just because, otherwise you run the risk of leaving it collecting dust in your garage.

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